Xavier Peeters

Xavier Peeters was born in Antwerp (Belgium) on 12 December 1994. Sports were an important part of his childhood and he discovered horse riding at the age of 9. He obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Veterinary Medicine at the University of Antwerp in 2016 and moved to Ghent for his Master’s, where 3 years later he graduated with distinction. During this period, he never gave up horse riding so that he could achieve his goal - from competing in ‘just competitions’ to winning at international show jumping events.

Xavier believes that the key to success is to understand the horse, whether as a rider, groom, trainer or a vet. His aim is to help riders and horses realise their goals and wants to achieve this by specialising in orthopaedic veterinary medicine. He believes that working at Via Nova as an intern is a great first step in his career.