Esther Bukkems

Esther is born in Wanssum, The Netherlands in 1993.

From a very young age Esther spend her time taking care of the neighbors ponies and the horses at the local riding school.

In 2014 Esther completed the studie horse management at Citaverde College in Roermond, The Netherlands.

After completing the studie Esther got a fulltime position as a showgroom at the barn where she completed her internship.

After a while the opportunity came to start working for Jessica Springsteen. Here Esther worked as a showgroom and the last few years as Jessica’s barn manager.

Esther got in these 5,5 years the opportunity to learn a lot about the care for the horses and gained skills to make the horses feel comfortable wherever they are.

After many years of traveling the world the opportunity came to start working as a rehab assistant at VIA NOVA this year.

Esther is excited to be part of the VIA NOVA team and to use her knowledge in giving the horses the best rehab possible.