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VIA NOVA is Latin and means: “The new way”. It was one of the two main roads that led lost travelers back to the right path in ancient Rome. This name reflects the innovative nature of medical treatments and the ambition to get patients ‘back on track’ together with the referring veterinarians.

Via Nova is a fresh wind in the landscape of equine clinics. At least the name and open way of collaborating is new. Veterinarian Marc Suls has built up a strong curriculum over the past 30 years in guiding top sport horses all over the world. Veterinary couple Jan Spaas and Sarah Broeckx performs groundbreaking work in drug development. Over the past 7 years, they have established medicines that have been recognized by the medicines authorities and the European Commission and that are endorsed by 8 patents and 31 scientific publications.

Marc and Jan want to share their experience and expertise by creating Via Nova, a scientific center where knowledge from all over the world comes together. The clinic must provide a safe haven for all veterinarians to engage in innovation, to follow training courses and to refer and discuss patients.

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